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Successfully Social was born from the desire to create a space where individuality is celebrated and a strong sense of self-worth is cultivated through innovative and thoughtful teaching strategies.

Co-workers at a small, neighborhood public school in Westminster, Colorado, and close friends as they became first-time mamas, Breann Colpitts and Allison Marean knew from the moment they met that they would collaborate to make positive change for people from all walks of life.  Combining their 20+ years of teaching experience and their passion for mental wellness, they jumped - hearts first - into Successfully Social in 2014 and have been growing their toolkits and services ever since. 


With offices in both Colorado and New England, and the technology to reach students everywhere, Successfully Social focuses on filling the gaps for those who struggle socially while increasing mental wellness in the process. Both Breann and Allison use their individual skill sets to collectively strategize and advise each other about how to best serve each unique human and family who they have the honor to work with.

Breann Colpitts, Ed.S, CLYL



With over 18 years of dedicated experience working alongside twice exceptional children, autistic individuals, and those often labeled as "behavioral challenges," Breann brings a unique blend of ingenuity, humor, and neurodivergent insight that positions her as a highly sought-after social coach.


After completing her psychology degree at the University of Kansas, Breann's journey led her to a preschool in the Kansas City metro area, where her passion for becoming a school psychologist took root. Venturing to Radford University in VA for her graduate studies, she achieved both a master's degree in psychology and an Education Specialist in School Psychology, graduating with honors. Notably, Breann co-authored a curriculum focused on studying disability in the UK during her time at Radford, a program that continues to thrive.


In 2005, Breann settled in Colorado, immersing herself in a K-12 charter school environment and making a significant impact within the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community before relocating to Denver. Her exceptional ability to connect with students facing profound behavioral challenges marked her as a valuable asset within a metropolitan school district. As the Affective Needs program journeyed across different schools, Breann steadfastly accompanied it, ultimately finding her place in the district's day treatment program as a crucial member of the Mental Health Team. Her contributions extended beyond the classroom, as Breann played a pivotal role in developing her district's pioneering standards-based social-emotional curriculum. Moreover, she initiated an after-school Laughter Club, using Laughter Yoga to help students manage stress in a unique and engaging manner.


As her passion for social-emotional learning deepened and her focus on assessment waned, Breann made the decision to transition away from public schools and concentrate solely on supporting children facing social challenges. In partnership with her colleague and former co-worker, Allison Marean, she co-founded Successfully Social, a venture driven by their shared commitment to making a positive difference.


When she isn't coaching, you can find Breann embarking on adventures with her family, leading invigorating Laughter Yoga sessions, or unpacking her late in life neurodivergence discovery.

Breann's Social

Allison H. Marean, M.Ed., CLYL



With over two decades of experience, Allison is a dedicated professional who excels in working with diverse individuals. Her patient, creative, and engaging approach, coupled with her innate ability to connect, make her a sought-after Social Coach.


With a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Connecticut, Allison began her teaching career in the Boston Public School system. During this time, she earned a Master's degree in Special Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


In 2009, Allison's passion for snowboarding led her to Denver, Colorado, where she continued teaching for five more years. Her work with diverse learners sparked her interest in social cognitive learning. She obtained an Autism Graduate Certificate from Regis University to enhance her ability to work effectively within the Autism community.


Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Allison attended the esteemed Social Thinking® Clinical Training program in Sudbury, Massachusetts, solidifying her commitment to social learning. Collaborating with her friend Breann Colpitts, Allison left the public school sector to establish their heart-led project, Successfully Social Colorado.


In 2016, embracing life's twists and turns, Allison returned to the east coast, and dedicated three years as a Social Cognitive Specialist with Social Thinking Boston®.


With a desire to positively impact her local community, Allison heeded her heart's calling and established Successfully Social New England in Leominster, Massachusetts.


Outside of coaching, Allison cherishes laughter-filled moments with her family traveling, cheering on her kids from the sidelines, tending to her animals, and nurturing her garden.

Allison's Social
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