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Empower Your Neurodivergent Teen with Allison's Virtual Social Group!

Greetings, caring grown ups and teen humans!

In a world that frequently struggles to understand the unique qualities of our neuro-complex youth, finding the right social support becomes paramount. I am thrilled to introduce a solution tailored to your needs - a brand-new virtual group, specially crafted for neurodivergent teens.

As parents, we know the value of providing our teens with spaces where they can truly be themselves. Allison's virtual group offers just that - a safe haven where neurodivergent teens can connect and share experiences; a virtual “third place” to make connections with other neuro-complex peers.

This virtual group breaks down geographical barriers with its flexible meeting times, spanning various time zones. This means that regardless of your location, your teen doesn’t have to be isolated from peers who GET IT…the value of shared lived experience and being understood cannot be overstated and yet can be difficult to find in lots of places. Not anymore!

Allison will also weave in strategies for mindset and explore some practical tools for living life- i.e. executive functioning hacks, if you will. Look, no one is promising an executive functioning makeover, but gaining independence is empowering, so we’ll focus on a few skills for living, as it applies to the group.

If this resonates with you and your teen (hint: we want everyone to WANT to be there), take the next step towards fostering a supportive community. Reach out to Allison via email to express your interest in joining the group. This is an opportunity to provide your neurodivergent teen with a space where they can flourish and thrive…and dare we say, have fun?!?

And to you, teen human, we know you might be skimming through this too. Rest assured, this is a chance for you to find camaraderie, growth, and positivity without the cringe factor. This is your space to connect, learn, and be part of a community that understands and appreciates your journey.

Jump in Allison’s inbox to express your interest in this virtual group!


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